Fiestas in Frigiliana

Frigiliana Festival

A list of the main fiestas in Frigiliana throughout the year.

Three Kings Day – January 5th-6th

Dia de Los Reyes – The day when they children get their presents! The evening before the three kings lead their procession through the streets throwing sweets to the children. Many will eat the traditional sweet donut shaped bread called a Roscón, a sweet, covered in sugar and glacier cherries. Those who find the plastic toy inside gets good luck for the next year .

San Sebastian Day – January 20th 

Three images of the Frigiliana Patron Saint, St.Sebastian, St.Anthony the Abbot and St.Anthony of Padula are taken on a procession. The people do this to both honour the saints and to ask for protection during the coming year.

Frigiliana Carnaval – February

Andalucia Day – February 28th 

The Día de Andalucia commemorates the Statute of Autonomy of Andalusia which made Andalusia an autonomous region of Spain.

Semana Santa/Holy Week – Easter 

Processions throughout the week. The biggest are on the evening of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Day of the Crosses – Start of May  

A popular and colourful event with numerous crosses adourned in flowers in locations around the the town where locals offer visitors free local wine and food.

Frigiliana Feria de San Antonio – June

Frigiliana’s five-day Feria is held in honour of their patron saint San Antonio de Padua.  The ‘Romeria de San Antonio’ (Fiesta de San Antonio) commences at 1230 on June 13th when an ox cart procession carryies the patron saint from the church to El Pozo viejo. This commemorates the victory of the christians over the Moors in the “Batalla del Peñón”. A King and Queen of the Feria are elected before the evening ‘Nueva Imagen’ music concert at 10pm and a midnight fireworks display.

Festival 3 Cultures – End of August

A four day festival at the end of August celebrating the historical and unique co-existence of Christianity, Jewish and Arabic cultures in Frigiliana.

Fiesta de las Candelarias – September 

Small bonfires burnt to celebrate the Virgin of Candelaria.

All Saints Day – November 1st